Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life With A Shepherd Photography

Many of you may not have known this, but I have been doing photography as a side job!  Those of you who knew have probably been wondering where my photography site went.  I wasn't having much site-visits there and most of the people who want to use me just call.  It is WAY easier to maintain just one site than two (not to mention a family, house, husband, school, etc).  Long story short, I have created a page on this main site for that business.  You can visit the photography page to see more of what I'm talking about.  This page is still a work in progress, so please be patient with the "dust".  

Friday, December 27, 2013

This morning at our house

I am a morning person.  I know, I know.....I'm an endangered species - rare, but beautiful (if I do say so myself, hehe).  I love mornings.  It's like a fresh slate, a new beginning, a gift of grace.  Most of my kiddos are morning people too. I always enjoy their company in the mornings (ok, I admit it's more like MOST of the time I enjoy it).  This particular morning was full of silent bursts of laughter from me as I listened to the humorous things my children had to say.

My husband had a very early appointment this morning and when I awoke, I found him gone and all three children in my bed.  As the children awoke, I was inundated with questions to the location of Daddy.  They like to come, one by one, into my bed in the morning and take turns snuggling and giving him kisses.  As I answered their questions, my second born began to cry.  My heart immediately started to melt as I thought, "AW!! Scott will be so glad to hear how much he misses him!"

I asked my son, "What's the matter, sweetie?"
"I CAN'T FIND MY LIGHT-SABER!!!" he replied

Friday, August 30, 2013

Daddy's Delight

Since we started our Real Food journey in January, I believe the family member who has had the most difficult time is my husband.  He is just a lover of "crap-food" (as we so lovingly call it now, hehe).  Since we have been married, his favorite food has been Hamburger Helper.  I could make a beautiful dinner from scratch that would take me all day to prepare, and it wouldn't get half the praise that plain-ol' Hamburger Helper would.  One would think he were complementing Albert Einstein on his atomic bomb or something....goodness.